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Pat Bavin

Purcell Blue Lagoon - Original Painting

Purcell Blue Lagoon - Original Painting

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Original Painting by Pat Bavin.  Acrylic and glass on Birch panel, 24” x 30”, 2021.

The Glass Ice Berg Series

The glass ice berg series had 2 years of complications and frustrations to develop a system with the first painting coming out in May, 2016. I pour molten puddles of glass on a steel plate in Ryan’s hot shop, kiln cure them, then smash the glass with a hammer into small pieces. I select shapes and sizes and then flash them at 2000°F to melt the sharp edges. I developed a method to attach the glass chunks onto birch panel by creating what I call “bead soup”. The soup is a measured mix of water, acrylic fluid matte medium (acrylic glue), acrylic fluid paint and super fine glass beads. The glass chunks must be selected and washed to remove any oils from fingers and placed aside, then I pour a small pool of bead soup onto the painting. Using tweezers to avoid contamination, the glass chunk is placed flat-side down into the soup, and using a small palette knife, I pick up globs thick with beads from the soup and place around the glass and up the sidewall to anchor the glass berg in place and let it dry. The birch panel must be level so nothing runs and voila! These paintings are bullet proof as when developing, I kept testing the glue technique with a hammer to make sure the GLASS ICE BERGS are well attached. I love the site trips I take, when I go to remote sketch spots where I can study and scope these receding glaciers of the Purcell mountains and offer a recording of what I see and feel.
-Pat Bavin

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