Pat Bavin Large Custom Prints

Most of Pat's popular paintings are available as prints, but he also enjoys making large custom canvas prints of his paintings too!  There are several considerations to make when making a large print of one of Pat's paintings; aspect ratio of the original and deciding whether or not to crop the original aspect ratio as well as the condition of the original digital copy, are all considerations to make when considering a large format canvas print.

Because of these considerations, we don't offer ready made versions of large prints.  They will need to be custom made for each order.

Pat Bavin large custom print

To make an order of one of these prints, you'll need to get in touch with us to talk about what you are interested in.  We can then give you more specific information about the process and will work with you to give you a quote before going forward with the order.

Large print installed

The large prints are great and cost effective for large blank spaces in your home!

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