Custom Work

    Fish commission 2017

We do take special orders for our work, but we have several requirements that have to be met before we take on special projects.

To special order one of our regular production items that is in the current rotation of production is no problem.  Examples would be; Wind Series Vases, Bugaboo Bowls, Canyon Bowls, Fish, etc.  Please keep in mind that these items are handmade and some variability in the final outcome is commonplace.  Contact us and we can make arrangements to make a piece for you.

To order a total custom piece is a much larger ordeal.  Although we have many years of experience with glass, we can't just make anything that comes to mind!  The fish we make took ten years of development before we got what we wanted.  So with that said, if we need to spend time developing techniques to be able to make the piece you want, we have to charge a studio fee of $250.00/hour to cover our costs and time spent.  Design fees may also apply.

Repairs are something that we see from time to time.  What many people don't realize is that many items like lamps, stemware, or other commercial glass can be mass produced in runs of 10,000 or more at a time.  Because of this production method, costs can be brought down as there is less time involved per piece by qualified craftspeople.  Another consideration is that all of these objects are usually made from many different types of glass.  Glass is very sensitive to changes in formulation and compatibility.  It is impossible for us to determine what kind of glass was used to make a piece, or if it is compatible with the glass that we use.  For these reasons we do not accept repairs of any glass except for our own work!  Anything else will be subject to the costs reflected above in making custom work.