Shawna Tegart

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (major in Ceramics) from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2014, Shawna Tegart continues to create works in clay, glass and mixed media. Drawing plays a prominent role in the creation of her jewelry, pottery and sculptural works, which are largely inspired by the flora and fauna of the Kootenay region in British Columbia. 

The Majority of Shawna's Jewelry is made using Porcelain - a translucent, white clay. This precious material looks beautiful on its own, but makes a luminous canvas for glazes and imagery. Each piece goes through a long, multi-step process that includes 2-4 kiln firings, each lasting about 20 hours with a top temperature of over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. From Necklaces to earrings and bracelets, each work of wearable art is carefully handcrafted and finished with materials such as sterling silver. 

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