Detail of a Summit Series piece of hand made blown glass by Ryan Bavin

New work by Ryan Bavin - Summit Series, December 2017

I've been working on some new ideas in the studio at Bavin Glassworks in Invermere, BC.  Although much of the work I make has some connection with living and working in the mountains, I haven't really focused specifically on mountain imagery in the past.

I've been working on new ideas for mountain imagery for well over a year now.  The early pieces in this series were produced in the Spring of 2017.  Now with some refinements and more exploration, I feel they are starting get where I really want them to be.

The process is an interesting one that rides the line between technique and intuition.  Glass can be a frustrating material to work with but also very rewarding when it comes together.  What makes these new pieces different from anything I've made in the past is the use of colour.  There is a lot of glass colour used in each of these pieces, as well, the colours are separated by layers of clear glass.  Using the clear to separate the colour helps to give the sense of depth with the imagery.  Although I do have some control of how the colour is applied, there is definitely some guess work in trying to make it look like something specific.  Many of the manipulations of the colour are purely spur of the moment, intuitive movements.  As a result of this and the different chemistry in the varying colours of glass, nothing ever works out the same.  For me this is part of the excitement of each of these pieces.

Several of these new pieces, collectively known as the "Summit Series" will be on display for the "Summits and Icefields" exhibition and sale at Bavin Glassworks on December 27th, 2017 from 10am to 6pm. 


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