Duncan McClellan Gallery visit and demonstration, April 2023

Duncan McClellan Gallery visit and demonstration, April 2023

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In late April, 2023, Ryan was in Florida visiting the Duncan McClellan Gallery in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Ryan was there as part of the "Masters of the North" group show along with several other well known Canadian glass artists.  Although Ryan missed the main show and demonstrations with the fellow Canadians earlier in March, he was appreciative of the opportunity to still get a chance to visit and demonstrate at the Duncan McClellan Gallery.

Studio at Duncan McClellan Glass

Ryan did two glassblowing demonstrations of his work; the first one on Saturday afternoon (April 29, 2023) of a fish and a Summit vase.  The second demo on Sunday was more formal.  It included the making of a Summit vase followed by a slide presentation to the group of glass enthusiasts that showed up to watch.

Ryan was excited to be a part of the "Masters of the North" show, alongside other well known Canadian glass artist.  

The team at Duncan McClellan Glass is great!  It is a large facility with a very large gallery of glass art from artists from around the world.  The studio is fantastic as well, with a large viewing area and a very well equipped space for making various forms of art with glass from blown to fused and cast and beyond.  

The studio crew of Jeremiah, Pauli and Kevin were lots of help, along with Irene and Zuzu in the gallery and Duncan overseeing everything, there was lots of support!

 In the garden at the Duncan McClellan Gallery

On Monday morning, Ryan visited the Imagine Museum before heading for the airport in the early afternoon.  The Imagine Museum is dedicated entirely to glass art and is only a few blocks away from the Duncan McClellan gallery.  Although a bit  rushed to get through the museum, Ryan had the opportunity to chat with one of the curators of the museum and was interviewed by the marketing manager for their video archives.

If you find yourself in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, there is lots of amazing glass art to check out in Saint Petersburg! 

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