Gallery Hours:

Updated October 15, 2021

Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces. If you do not have a mask we are happy to supply you with a disposable mask. We ask that you please continue to practice physical distancing while visiting our shop. Thank you.

Thursday-Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Sunday-Wednesday: Closed

*entrance is on the South side of the building. Parking is available at either the North side of the building (then take the short walk down the alley) or at Canadian Tire. 

Glassblowing:  Our regular glassblowing sessions are in the Spring and Fall. 

It is mid-September 2021 and we are ready for the Fall glassblowing session that is planned to take us from the Thanksgiving Weekend through the Christmas Holiday season and into the New Year!  During this time period, we will be blowing glass every day the shop is open, usually until 3pm (the shop closes at 4pm).  If you’re planning a trip in specifically to watch us working, we recommend phoning our gallery at (250)-341-5560 to confirm our schedule. 

For more information on what goes on behind the scenes when we light the furnace, check out this article on our News & Events page. 


4884 Athalmer Hwy
Invermere, BC  V0A 1K3


Since the beginning, Bavin Glassworks has always produced and sold it's wares under the same roof.

At first, it was just the handmade glass that the Bavin's made that was for sale in the Gallery.  Over time this progressed to representing several artists from around the region.  Not just glass is featured, acrylic paint, metal and clay are mediums that are found on the Gallery's shelves as well.

The Hotshop typically operates in the Spring and Fall and is open for public viewing when in operation.  Glassblowing is an ancient, yet mysterious process that is interesting to watch, even though it gets a bit warm in the studio at times!

Despite the fact that the Hotshop does not run year round, Bavin Glassworks Gallery is open throughout the year.  We've always got something interesting on the go!



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