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22.5 x22.5 x 27 cm.

The Primitive Series came into being with Bavin Glass in the early 1990’s. Originating with imagery on solid glass paperweights that looked like stones, then eventually the images migrated onto vessel shapes as well.

The unique properties of glass make it an incredible artistic medium to work with. In the Primitive Series, the glass can take on the look of stone, bone, antlers and horns.

The imagery added is powdered glass colour that is drawn onto a steel plate, which is heated up on a barbecue-like appliance. By preheating the powdered glass drawings, the images transfer onto the main vessel when it is rolled over the steel plate with the images on it. The main piece is very hot when this is done, which helps the powdered glass images fuse to the vessel. Once this is done, the piece is blown out into the final shape and put into the annealing oven to slowly cool.

It is an interesting way to tell stories through imagery on glass!



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