The Purcell Alpine Garden - Original Painting

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36"x 24" Birch Panel, Acrylic, Glass Bergs, Glass Beads

The Alpine gardens of the Purcells are growing, especially upslope and may be more productive with temperature change, but its habitat remains delicate. Soil horizons in catch basins are thin and putty-like clays that retain moisture and are in highly exposed, open landscapes where fewer trees provide poor debris accumulation. This means that soils in these areas find it hard to grow a strong foundation to withstand much impact.

The alpine garden is wet, spongy and vibrant in colour and easily damaged. The visual richness make us want to nestle among the ferns, moss, alpine heathers and flowers, but PLEASE - stay away. If you find yourself within this garden, look for rocks as step­ ping stones and the darker, drier ground cover to pick your way along.

Colours in this painting are expressing the temperature changes taking place that are accelerating the glacial melt. In many regions of the Purcells you can witness high lateral moraines that show the maximum glacier extent which have been recorded  dating back to the mid l800's and referred to as the "Mini Ice Age''.

What looks to be brown soil, in this painting, that is below the glacier is rock flower. I have incorporated "glass bergs"to express ice bergs. With the glaciers receding and water diminishing, are we acknowledging the change? It's happening, so what are we doing to change with it?

-Pat Bavin

5 Our Vanishing Glaciers - Robert Sandford


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