In the Year 2025 - Original Painting


24" x 36" Acrylic/Collage on Birch Panel 

In this painting I am portraying the upper region of the Purcell alpine forest and the potential of industrial and Outdoor Recreation impact to a delicate watershed. The branch like pattern by which water accumulates  from rivulets to rivers defines the water catchment system of a given region, better known as a "watershed''.

Imagine adding gravity to a watershed, all of which is made up of sloping landscapes . This dance of gravity and water dramatically changes with poor or lack of land use planning for timber harvest and outdoor recreation. The pathways of runoff can be totally shifted which breaks the community forest way of life.

Without the close relationship between water, tree roots and fungus, trees could not exist. Unlike the farmer, we don't harvest our forests to retain a healthy ongoing cycle of regeneration of tree crops that support the water­ shed ecosystem . This is a template of lose-lose for both the forest community and our long term economy. I hope, sooner or later, that our forest practices code will adjust to align with our changing climate here in the Canadian Rock­ies.

-Pat Bavin


1 Our Vanishing Glaciers - Robert Sandford



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