Pat Bavin - Forest Therapy Session - Panorama Resort


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Book a walk with Forest Therapy Guide, Pat Bavin, at Panorama Resort.

Meet at Panorama Resort's Day Lodge, known at the Great Hall at 10am sharp.

My Forest Therapy walks are always an easy, mostly flat landscape activity of mild effort. Bring along a day pack filled with all-weather items just for the unexpected of mountain conditions including bug repellent and sunscreen if in season. Running shoes are fine and I suggest you wear clothes that like the dirt for such things as lying down for “sky gazing”. Cell phones are not encouraged unless you are on standby for something of vast importance. Allow for a total of 4 hours which includes registration followed by a 3 – 3.5 hour walk. Bring pencil and paper for some outdoor creativity. Water and snack is a good idea.Thank you.


Non-refundable. If you can’t make it to your booking, please let us know by email no later than 24hours before your booked time, and we can arrange your time to be swapped for a different date.

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