Pat Bavin Summits and Icefields Exhibition and Sale, Dec 27, 2017

Pat Bavin Summits and Icefields Exhibition and Sale, Dec 27, 2017

It’s amazing how sometimes a family elder comes zooming into your brain with a message.  This happened back in February when my mom announced to me;  “get that brush pushing colour around about water and climate”.

Since then a responsibility to express the concern about water and climate change in conjunction with our human impact has become more important to me.  On December 27th at our annual Christmas Show, a group of paintings will be displayed to give a sense of our “backyard” mountain situation.

I’m excited and honored to have the opportunity to include with my paintings the language of well know author Robert Sandford, an expert in water and climate science.  We are collaborating in the field of art and science which is a great way to bring education and stewardship into a needed awareness.



Mt. Lefroy and Victoria Glacier

This fall I spend time out on the busy Plain of Six Glaciers trail behind Lake Louise to track painter Lawren Harris and sketch Mt Lefroy – one of his iconic subjects.  The Death Trap, which is the glacier reaching up to Abbot Pass to the right of Mt. Lefroy, truly lives up to its name.  The day was constantly being shattered with ice and rock crashing from above.  The Victoria Glacier painting gives a sense of these monstrous pinnacles of rock pelting boulders, ice and debris down onto the glacier.   












The Cleaver

The Cleaver overlooks Farnham Glacier from the Northwest of upper Farnham Creek.  Here and there are little pools trapped in the glacial rock beds that offer reflections of what is hanging above.  Such mirrors in the landscape are a favorite subject for me.  The small hanging glacier below the Cleaver is greatly exaggerated in size to express the importance of a diminishing element – water.



The Northwest Mounted Police Barracks in Canmore, Alberta

The Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP) Barracks in Canmore also ended up on a canvas this fall – it’s about time!  I enjoy bringing historic buildings and mountains together since such interesting stories reflect on the landscapes that attracted our early people to live among them.

The Barracks, built in 1893, served until 1929 as the lodgings, office and jail for the police officers in Canmore.  It is the oldest NWMP building in western Canada and still stands on its original site.  In the background are the famed “Three Sisters” that identify this place.



The Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse

On September 26, 2017, I arrived at the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse as the morning sun was touching the high ridges.  Arlo, the big, friendly resident dog came to greet me and immediately zeroed in on which of my pockets had beef jerky.  The teahouse truly sits comfortably on this bench of south facing slope,  5.5 km beyond Chateau Lake Louise.  The group of Swiss guides obviously knew how to build with stone since it still stands proudly after close to 100 years.  The CPR had the teahouse erected in 1924 for guests staying at the Chateau.  I have caught the larch at the perfect time in a shimmering state of delight.


All Paintings will be up and available when we open at 10am on Wednesday, December 27, 2017.  Drop by to view, have a chat, or just hang out!

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