The Hotshop


The Hotshop typically operates in the Spring and Fall and is open for public viewing when in operation.  Glassblowing is an ancient, yet mysterious process that is interesting to watch, even though it gets a bit warm in the studio at times!


Watch us blow glass!

The Hotshop is currently off until late April, 2017.  If all goes to plan we will be back working in front of the furnaces on May 4th, 2017!

The public is always welcome to drop in and watch the glassblowers at work, anytime from 10am until 2pm is the best time to check it out!

We've always got something interesting on the go!

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Click here to watch a video of us at work in the hotshop!


Despite the fact that the Hotshop does not run year round, Bavin Glassworks Gallery is open throughout most of the year.  Please check the Gallery page for current operating hours!